An interview with Ryan Abe:

How old were you when you first began vlogging and making YouTube videos?
I started out making videos when I was 17 years old!

What inspired you to start making videos? Was there a specific incident that happened?

I started accidentally, kind of out of boredom and curiosity. But, once I realized that I could make some people smile just by making some silly videos, I started to take it seriously. I realized that YouTube was the outlet that I was always looking for.

Have you personally been through bullying or seen how it has affected others?
Yes, as a junior in high school I was 5 ft 1. Being 16 and that little was always tough. I got picked on and treated like a little kid and I hated it. Then, once I started my YouTube channel, all the trolls made sure to point out all of my flaws. I had bad acne and really messed up teeth. I made it my goal to improve myself and that’s what I did. Sadly, YouTube is full of disgusting bullying.

Some would say that you have a very positive influence on those around you – do you think this is true?
I would hope so. I have been through some rough points in my life, but i’ve managed to keep smiling after all this time. I just try and show people that it’s better to smile than to frown – it’ll help your attitude in the long run!

“With great power comes responsibility.” Do you ever receive negative or hurtful backlash from those who do not support your videos? 
Of course. If you put yourself out there to everyone online you’re bound to have some haters. Honestly, hate doesn’t bother me anymore. I take the criticism and try to use it to my advantage. Usually it shows me what I could improve on. Sometimes the negativity helps me out in the long run.

How do you deal with being “YouTube famous” positively? 
I just realize how blessed I am, that I can do this fun hobby as a job. I try to interact with everyone in order to show them that i’m just the same old silly kid that i’ve always have been. Nothing has changed. Numbers are only numbers.

At HOAD, we strongly believe that music can inspire and help others get through situations, because for some people, music is the key to unlocking feelings, emotions and issues and can leave many positive impacts. Do you personally believe that music can help inspire people through tough situations?
ABSOLUTELY. Music is the most powerful friend anyone can have. It won’t talk back, it won’t poke fun, it will just be there for you. Some people say that actions speak louder than words…but in some cases, lyrics speak louder than actions!

What are your favorite types of music that help get you through tough situations? 
I like to listen to some Ed Sheeran, ColdPlay, ADTR, SWS, The Killers, and Queen when i’m down. It makes me feel like myself again.

Have you personally seen the power of music affect someone’s life positively? 
Looking through many stories and posts on sites like tumblr it’s obvious how much music can save people. I know that certain bands can be attesting on saving literally thousands of teenagers lives – its a wonderful thing.

If you could say anything to a person who is suffering through bullying, what would you say?
It doesnt get better, you do. What I mean is, bullying will always exist…but you will mature and learn to grow from it. It will make you a better person and a better mother/father when you’re older.

What do you think is the best way to deal with bullying?
The best way to deal with bullying is with humor. If you make fun of yourself it takes the fun out of the bully. Thats why I make fun of myself in my videos…it leaves the haters with little or no ammo.

Check out Ryan’s YouTube page at:

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